Fatal shore

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Hope still lingers here

Nestled close

While chaos reigns outside

The wind becomes war-bred horses charging forward toward the mouth of the cave

No longer bathed in gold

Just a dim dark place…simply a shadow of what it use to be

I sit in solitude

Doting on her

Nursing her with my dreams, enlivening her with life’s mysteries protecting her from reality which is far more grim than expected

Because without her

I am nothing.

Written by scribblez84


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It is what it is

Joy seeps into the room like the scent of jasmine on a summer day tumbling into my heart in a mirthful cartwheel spinning and twirling like this moment is the only one that matters like tomorrow is insignificant and infinitely possible simply because you are here now- right now you are here now, in my arms embracing me in a greeting that is far more than routine, you place yourself into my arms gently and with purpose like you’ve finally returned home after too long gone. I squeeze gently because I dare not allow the full strength of my heart to seize you like I want to, if only to show you that I respect your decision to call me best friend, to call me brother, when I would have us be far much more.  I’ve loved you too long to remember what it was like before I decided to be anything you wish.  Destiney may not have decreed that we remain lovers but my heart discards that shit like a fleeting memory unlike all of my moments with you, ever present, ever-last.  My friend I adore you and always will regardless of what we call ourselves. I’m yours, and you are mine and it is, what it is.

written by scribblez84

Inspired by crazy for you – Adele

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A collection of dandelions reside in his palms clasped gently together by the stems,

Breathing steadily so as not to disturb a single seed, he embraces me like I am precious…I think

Sometimes I hope that he would enhale deeply and with one steady breath he’d release all those wishes to dance upon the breeze with ease to begin the effort of building something far more sustainable than hope,

Because he holds within himself a billion ways to bring joy into the world–for the both of us, squandering moments that are meant to be shared behind clenched fists that should remain open,

At least open enough to let my own warm hand in to grasp onto his so I can lift us into the heavens to create our own constellation.

I could do that…for you… I could do that and much, much more, love.

My magic is as strong as yours,

My heart is as strong as yours,

My hope is as strong as yours,

But will forever be bound by your hands

clasped so tightly around the stems

of a billion reasons for us to try…

My friend, I sometimes wonder why it is taking you so long to accept something that I’ve always know to be true…

I belong to you…and you belong to me too

all that’s left to do is enhale deeply

and blow.

Written by scribblez84

August 8, 2017

Inspired by plastic, by Moses Sumney


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Must See The Incredible Jessica James

Soo…I woke up at 4am breaking out of my antibiotic/pain reliever haze and couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to stream a new movie called “the incredible Jessica James” all I have left to say is it’s AMAZING!!! <drops mic and dismounts from the soap box in a double backflip and sticks the landing with his right fist in the air with the bright glowing words ‘must see’ emblazoned on his shirt> #mustsee #jessicajames #netflix #beautifulblackwoman #queen

Watch on Netflix


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Chosen Families Refuse To Quit

One of my friends and colleagues, Lauren Parker won the Summer of Love Essay contest for her essay entitled Chosen Families Refuse To Quit.  It’s an amazing piece that explores the bonds that we create and their impact on those bonded.  Check it out!  Click Here to View

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Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.


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believing im no better than the rest i test this resolve by forging ahead alone this time, ignoring the rhymes that form in my head when i think of him, or him, or any other i just keep moving further toward the version of me that deserves to be truely loved

written by scribblez84


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Writing a book

so… im thinking of writing a book. I know that may sound kind of random coming from me but books–more specifically stories have been a enormous part of my life since I was a kid. An escape, a way to learn, a way to experience other worlds, perspectives, lives as an adult Ive used personal stories to help teach, and guide and nurture others to grow and so…I want to take a crack at writing something that can exist outside of myself. Im learning more each day but i want to know if anyone knows about community resources for writing. Ive been exposed to a few in college but Im looking for a community of writers to connect to.  If you know of any–please share!


My Scorpio pt 9

Sometimes I believe it’s better this way
It’s better to stay hidden in this cave of moments painstakingly painted upon the walls
Rich deep Hues of greens and blues and deep deep reds or violets or whatever color you wish to call love
Avoiding his arrow
Protected by stone walls impenetrable, deep
Yet at times he still seeps deep into the soil soaking into my skin
Saturating every space with an irresistible scent of longing and desire
As I retire this over- exuberant heart from effort of loving someone that isn’t a good fit
I sit on stone and contemplate the melody I wish I could create with this guitar
Out of tune
Yet I still swoon on the idea of sound
the idea of my tune harmonizing with you
You damn fool
A stoic Scorpio that has never learned to ask the right questions
Or say the right words
Or recognize the one thing that has always rung true… I’ll always be yours if you want me.

—written by scribblez84

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