Chosen Families Refuse To Quit

One of my friends and colleagues, Lauren Parker won the Summer of Love Essay contest for her essay entitled Chosen Families Refuse To Quit.  It’s an amazing piece that explores the bonds that we create and their impact on those bonded.  Check it out!  Click Here to View

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Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.


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believing im no better than the rest i test this resolve by forging ahead alone this time, ignoring the rhymes that form in my head when i think of him, or him, or any other i just keep moving further toward the version of me that deserves to be truely loved

written by scribblez84


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Writing a book

so… im thinking of writing a book. I know that may sound kind of random coming from me but books–more specifically stories have been a enormous part of my life since I was a kid. An escape, a way to learn, a way to experience other worlds, perspectives, lives as an adult Ive used personal stories to help teach, and guide and nurture others to grow and so…I want to take a crack at writing something that can exist outside of myself. Im learning more each day but i want to know if anyone knows about community resources for writing. Ive been exposed to a few in college but Im looking for a community of writers to connect to.  If you know of any–please share!


My Scorpio pt 9

Sometimes I believe it’s better this way
It’s better to stay hidden in this cave of moments painstakingly painted upon the walls
Rich deep Hues of greens and blues and deep deep reds or violets or whatever color you wish to call love
Avoiding his arrow
Protected by stone walls impenetrable, deep
Yet at times he still seeps deep into the soil soaking into my skin
Saturating every space with an irresistible scent of longing and desire
As I retire this over- exuberant heart from effort of loving someone that isn’t a good fit
I sit on stone and contemplate the melody I wish I could create with this guitar
Out of tune
Yet I still swoon on the idea of sound
the idea of my tune harmonizing with you
You damn fool
A stoic Scorpio that has never learned to ask the right questions
Or say the right words
Or recognize the one thing that has always rung true… I’ll always be yours if you want me.

—written by scribblez84

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Grief envelops me… caressing my skin like a lover would

Embracing my heart with a clenched fist squeezing vice like grip dragging me deeper than I thought it ever would…than I thought it could at my age

I am no Nieve boy–haven’t been for some time but Eros has made a fool of me indeed

Guiding me to the Roman ,a lighthouse of beautiful hue to be doted upon, who’s ego would be stroked

I stroked as his eyes held my soul aloft until discarded

What was once pure quickly began to turn

A foul odor remains in the space that use to be so sweet

My sun lite cave has darkened over again and I’m called a friend when I know I am now just a fading memory…one that lingers only in my mind

As persistent as time and other things that never truly fade like racism

Or legacy of bush, or the word faggot, that shit had left a stain on my soul

Darkening it just a bit to remind me that I should always trust my instincts

And when a man can’t give you a straight answer from the start then he doesn’t deserve a second thought…

Who knew it suck this bad to be right?

So…now..I lie down at night with a regret I never wanted 

Accompanied by a deep wound of my own making

And somehow I’m the only one to blame…
Written by scribblez84

June 29, 2016

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Releasing expectations to the wind like dandilion seeds discarded allowing the air to touch each one unburdened with a wish this fish glides on a new path, a river of wind to send him places he never dared to go before no longer does he abhor the thought of going too far away from you– a love, though true left unrequited he refuses to fight it this time love is not his cage binding him to this place, this time his mind will release worry like each bittersweet memory that does more harm than it should, he would be released finally to love himself a bit more this time this rhyme is not for you love, it’s for me…so I’ll finally be set free.

Written by scribblez84

April 20, 2016


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Just Friends – Revisited

The pensive pisces asks the gemini for advice.

“So there is the scenario.  I’m not sure which is the right choice. ”

He replied, “There is a phrase in Spanish that doesn’t really translate well, but it something like, ‘if you have ever truly loved then a flame can always spark from the ash and embers…’ So–there in lies the danger, my friend… You’ve got to make the choice that is right for you, because if you don’t, who will?


written by scribblez84

April 18, 2016


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my Gemini 

“My Gemini” Stupid Love part 7

Let us behold that slow gentle love

That passion that does not fade

For I’ve felt it before 

And long To experience it again

Before I put his needs before mine and became a music box

Before I believed in illusions and placed my heart in the hands of a foolish man

Before I said the wrong words and he failed to ask the right questions

Before I broke your heart and mine because I didn’t believe you when you said I love you

Whoe is the fool I became

A fool indeed

Though I have loved again, I have never experienced the sunshine that you brought into my cave 

Your love was a blessing I took for granted 

Because I didn’t know what it was that was mine

You embraced me with your eyes and always sought out my hand in the dark

You held me when I was angry and unworthy

You tolerated my moods as deep as the sea

You lifted me into the sky just because you could

It’s your gift love,

Yours and yours alone

And I’ll always love you

Because you taught me how it feels when love is true

And whole and pure and honest and slow and gentle and full of passion that does not fade

With great hope I search for another 

I wish you the same..

Written by scribblez84

March 1, 2016

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Meandering night

“Meandering night” – Stupid love part 6

This time there is no happy ending to this story because somewhere down this long road this knight has lost his way meandering about in the dark without the spark that lead his way

That look in your eye when you smile that way

The texts in the evening and the beginning of the day

The simple way you loved to stay…right here…so simply close

Now spirited away this knight is left to roam until the morning decides to bring the sun out of its slumber to bear witness to what lays before me…

Yet another lonely road…made that much lonely because I had you… once.

Written by scribblez84

Feb 25, 2016

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